Our team

Our team combines experience from very diverse sectors, which are all relevant to our investment strategy. Consequently, we are able to look at your portfolio from different angles and come up with unique investment solutions. We want to stay in full control, which is why 100% of our shares belong to the company.


UCITS HEDGE AWARD 2013 for the best performing commodity fund
€uro Fund Award 2013
Wing Sculpture 2017
Scope Award 2019 for the most innovative fund
Goldener Bulle 2019 third place for the most innovative fund
Female Austrian Investor Award 2020

Dimitri Speck

Managing Partner

Dimitri Speck has made a name for himself in the financial industry for his outstanding work in statistical analysis, as well as for developing the award-winning and highly successful trading systems.

His ground-breaking work on intraday patterns in gold prices was used to gather evidence on the manipulation of the now defunct gold and silver fix method in London.

Tea Muratovic

Managing Partner

Tea Muratovic has worked for many years in the Capital Markets and has gained strong financial background in the international market environment As the Co-Founder of Seasonax Capital she has received Female Austrian Investor Award in 2019.

As a female founder she puts her efforts into mentoring young people and stands for diversity in the banking industry.

Christoph Zenk

Managing Partner

Christoph Zenk is a serial entrepreneur that contributes with more than 15y in the digital industry. As a big data consultant he is involved in pattern-recognition projects in the telecommunication and fintech sector.

Focusing on data driven advertising and technical analysis he has positioned himself as advisor and mentor for companies and agencies.


In order to deliver the best possible quality we partnered up with some of the most experienced and renown names in the industry.