Goes beyond seasonality

There are never any guarantees in the market, but you can certainly let probabilities work in your favor.


Seasonax Capital was founded in June 2018. It is a PLC that is currently operating the Seasonax Global Selection Fund. We employ seasonal patterns in the financial markets to create above-average profits for our customers and outperform competitors in the market. We have more than 25 years of experience in seasonal market trends and have developed a range of products focused on seasonality. We firmly believe that investment decisions should not be based on speculation, but on robust statistical analysis.


Seasonax Capital is an innovative investment boutique for empirically backed investment decisions of institutional investors and high net worth individuals. The focus is to identify market anomalies that have been hardly exploited thus far, and the statistically robust implementation of these anomalies into investment strategies.

The combination of seasonal pattern insights and fully developed products enables us to optimize portfolios by applying precise market timing based on robust statistical data.


We have implemented our strategy into various products:

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